Identity Maps

9th-12th grade

Students learned about symbolism and how to create a symbolic map about an aspect of their identity. They practiced color mixing with colored pencils, contour line drawing using micron pens and pencil, and washes using watercolor.  

Students began by choosing a theme for their identity map.  Examples from class included personal comforts, moving, physical characteristics, personality traits, challenges/struggles, hobbies, heritage, a memory.  Students learned about visual symbols in art and then developed a series of symbols related to their chosen theme. For inspiration, students studied the auto-biographical map drawings of contemporary artist Guadalupe Maravilla.

Students experimented with different styles of drawing symbols, discussing how line quality, shape, value and size changed the meaning of the symbol. Students then created a background for their map, and cut out and arranged their symbols on this background. They considered how line, space, and sequence could connect their symbols together to communicate their theme.  

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